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We are a team of experienced flat roofing installation specialists with a broad range of skills and equipment, offering a huge variety of flat roof installation options to our clients in Swindon. As professionals in our field, we know how to get each flat roof built according to the customer’s needs.

Whether you are looking for a new flat roof material to replace existing flat roofs or a brand new flat roof installation from scratch, our team can help. Our connections, equipment, skills and advanced roofing knowledge allow us to finish jobs that other experts in Swindon can’t.

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Why Use Us?

We are a fully licensed and well-accredited flat roof installers team in Swindon with a long list of past projects under our belt. Boasting over 10 years of experience, we have worked with countless past clients to deliver flat roofs that meet their specifications, aiming for maximum quality of service and installation at all times.

Our team has certifications from major organisations and authorities within the industry, such as CHAS and Constructionline, along with a full range of certifications marking our quality and commitment to leaving customers satisfied.

We maintain a range of working relationships throughout the industry in Swindon, enabling us to source materials and tools for lower prices to keep costs competitive. This has also allowed us to use specialist or niche equipment for specific projects, letting us tackle more complicated flat roof designs with ease.

Types of Flat Roofing

There are many different types of flat roof surfaces that we can provide installation options for, whether that is a different set of flat roofing material options or an entirely different flat roof structure. We understand how to work with various roofing systems to ensure that we meet the client’s needs.

Whether you are replacing your old roof with a new roof or merely adjusting the existing roof, our team in Swindon can get the job done.

EPDM Roofing Swindon

EPDM rubber roofing is a modern flat roofing type that is meant to be cost-effective and long-lived, serving as a practical improvement over regular flat roofing material. It can be adapted to suit any kind of roofing structure and requires very little maintenance, making it a worthwhile choice.

Most EPDM rubber roofing in Swindon is versatile enough to be used almost anywhere and costs almost nothing to install and maintain. However, the rubber membrane is not usually considered to be very attractive, and physical damage (like falling branches) can still damage the rubber flat roofs in the long term.

GRP Roofing Swindon

A GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) roof surface is cost-effective and low maintenance while also being surprisingly durable. In most cases, GRP is also waterproof and very easy to install over an existing roof structure without necessarily replacing it entirely.

However, GRP roofing in Swindon can be noisy in heavy rainfall and is best suited to dry conditions overall. Poor care can also make the surface lose its colour, resulting in the roofing materials looking lower quality if they are not cared for properly.

Roofing Felt Swindon

Roofing felt is incredibly cheap and quick to install and is easy to remove again if you are trying to replace it in the future. This makes roofing felt materials a great choice for an emergency roof replacement, such as temporarily covering a roof until a future roofing project can be carried out.

Roofing felt in Swindon is highly durable, meaning that the new flat roof can be used for upwards of ten years without issue. Roofing felt is often seen as a perfect roof covering because of its simplicity and effectiveness, as well as minimal maintenance requirements and high protective value.

Coping Stones Swindon

Coping stones are flat stones placed on free-standing walls, protecting the exposed upward face of the wall from rain. These are a less-used flat roof material that works best in specific situations, but can still be a useful new flat roof material if you want aesthetics and protection at the same time.

The main downsides of coping stones are their maintenance requirements and their weight since they are generally a solid block of real stone in Swindon. This makes them tricky to use for an unprepared professional roofer, let alone a DIY installation project, and usually means that they need to be cleaned and resealed regularly.

Flat Roofing Installation Cost Swindon

The cost of a flat roof in the UK varies between £50 and £110 per square meter on average. However, the true cost of a roofing project is highly dependent on the roofing contractors and the specifics of the project itself.

Factors that influence the cost of new flat roofing systems can include:

In simple terms, a more complex flat roof costs more to install and usually more to maintain. While switching from EPDM rubber roofing to other materials could alter the cost, the materials themselves are only part of the total price in Swindon.

Scale is one of the biggest factors. The more EPDM membrane materials you would need to cover your entire roof, the more that flat roof will cost since you are spending more on the EPDM roofing rubber membrane in Swindon.

Our team in Swindon understand that budgeting is important and can offer free price quotes to direct you towards affordable ways of installing flat roofs. Our price estimates take everything from roofing material to total roof size into account, and our experts can help you adapt your plan to better suit your budget.

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Where Is Flat Roofing Installed?

Flat roofing can be installed in a wide range of locations, although building regulations may limit certain spaces to certain options. This includes spaces such as:

Flat Roofing Benefits

There are many benefits to flat roofing for almost any building in Swindon, some of which are more obvious than others. These include:

Flat Roofing vs Sloped Roofing

In general, flat roofing requires fewer materials than pitched roofing and is therefore much cheaper, with most flat roofs also being easy to repair in Swindon. They are designed to be quite durable as long as you are using the right material and are more compact and versatile once installed – for example, they can be turned into green roofs to add a garden space.

Pitched roofing, by contrast, is more expensive but also designed to be repaired less often overall. Pitched roofing is made to be highly resistant to both damage and UV rays to minimize repairs since actually repairing a pitched roof is a lot harder.

This means that flat roofs are more practical in many situations since materials like an EPDM rubber membrane can be both durable and very versatile in the long term. However, the total lifespan of flat roofs is often lower overall, and they still require more maintenance on average.

When comparing flat roof and sloped roof structure options, a flat roof will be cheaper at the cost of some long-term durability and more frequent maintenance in Swindon. On the other hand, they offer a lot more flexibility and are much easier to repair once damaged, making them a good trade-off for many building owners.

What is Flat Roofing?

A flat roof is any roof made with a generally flat design, usually using an angle of less than ten degrees overall. These are a lot flatter than pitched roofs but also have a lower profile and are significantly cheaper overall.

In most cases, installing a flat roof is also much faster and less complex, even when replacing an existing pitched roof. Repairing a flat roof in Swindon is also dramatically easier since it presents a flat surface that can easily be inspected or worked on without needing specialised equipment.

While factors like heat loss and surface durability vary based on material choices and construction methods, most flat roofs are roughly equivalent to pitched roofs in quality.

One of the most common material choices is EPDM rubber roofing or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber roofing. EPDM membranes can be used to construct a flat roof that still has its own built-in drainage measures, offering similar weather protection without the larger pitched construction.

While various types of flat roofs exist, they are just as diverse as any other roof type. There are hundreds of ways of installing a flat roof that will influence its quality and practicality in Swindon, meaning that each flat roof project is fully bespoke.

Flat Roofing Services We Offer

As a professional flat roofing contractor, we offer a range of flat roof services that we tailor to each client’s needs. Our experts can provide a range of roof structures to both commercial and residential buildings based entirely on the client’s needs.

Commercial Flat Roofing Swindon

We provide a variety of commercial flat roofing options, with our roofing contractors in Swindon providing the best possible EPDM material and the right expertise to ensure high-quality products worthy of any commercial space.

Whether we are installing a new flat roof or replacing an old roof, we can choose an EPDM membrane material that suits the needs of any business. Each EPDM rubber roof we install is designed to be easily repaired and inspected, ensuring that building regulations are followed to the letter.

We are able to ensure complete, clean, flat roof installations in Swindon that avoid problems like lingering standing water, weak rubber membrane issues, wall damage due to water leaks, or other faults that could weaken the roof overall.

Domestic Flat Roofing Swindon

Our domestic and residential flat roof options focus on quality first. We provide a range of EPDM rubber membrane options and rubber roofing structure choices that can help clients in Swindon get the exact roof they need, right down to whether they want a warm roof or a cold roof.

Each residential EPDM rubber roof we install uses a carefully prepared EPDM rubber membrane alongside other elements like roofing tar, a cap sheet, timber fillets, water-based adhesive, or anything else specified in the design.

Our expertise allows us to take the client’s end goal and work backwards, using our experience and skills to suggest the right rubber roofing options in Swindon for their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average life of a flat roof?

A typical flat roof membrane lasts around 25-30 years, depending on material choices. Good EPDM material options can last even longer, although this would require proper care and maintenance.

Since a good EPDM rubber roof takes very little effort to install or replace, this reduced lifespan is less of a problem compared to pitched roofing – an option that lasts longer, but takes far more time to replace when it breaks or wears down.

How do I maintain my flat roof installation?

A flat roof usually needs regular inspections and cleaning, especially after bad weather or other issues that may have caused dirt and debris to spread across it. More importantly, leaks and surface damage should be repaired as soon as possible.

What is the longest-lasting flat roof?

EPDM membranes are generally considered to be the most durable and long-lasting roof options, with some surviving as long as 50 years or more as long as they are maintained well.

Are Flat Roofs Cheaper than Pitched Roofs?

A flat roof is significantly cheaper than pitched roofs since they are less complex overall. However, they do require more maintenance as a whole, but the process of repairing these flat roofing options is also a lot cheaper.

How Do Flat Roofs Drain Water?

Most flat roofs are not entirely flat and slope very slightly. This slope funnels water towards a downspout or outer wall opening that drains the water off the roof.

Can you claim roof repair on insurance?

Full coverage is not usually given to a flat roof, although partial cover for the cost of repairs is common. Full coverage only usually becomes an option if the roof is in extremely good condition (i.e. brand new).

Niche Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

BS 6229 recommends that a flat roof:


Whether you are looking for green roofs that can serve as a roof garden or just something that stops water from pouring down the front edge of your home in Swindon, our team can get you the best possible flat roof for your specific needs.

If you want to know more about our services or would like a price estimate for your proposed project, contact us to learn more. Our experts in Swindon can break down the expected price of what you are looking for and suggest ways to keep those costs low while still getting the roof you want.

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